Wednesday, January 16, 2008

When we're bored and take boring pictures.

Yep. We're bored. Well, ok, we're not really bored, we're just not doing anything terribly exciting and worth photographing.
There was a coffee date with Papa and Mrs Ferguson yesterday but I forgot the camera.
So instead you get pictures of Katie on the floor.
NOT picking her nose:
(really, she wasn't...I don't think she knows how yet)

Playing with the camera tripod (what a great example of a toy that's not really a's hoping it's not lead painted or bad plastic!)
(if you look closely you'll see a top tooth!)
Playing with Mirror Katie.
And in the evening we have fun with dad.
Playing peek a boo under the covers.

Eating fine leather shoes and loving the camera.Now when we lie on dad (or mom) the object appears to be to roll over or turn around as fast as we can.
"I LOVE the camera!"
And Closer...She's watching you...!Today I have a wee to do list that includes calling Sears (AGAIN) about the microwave that's still missing a part, calling the Peg Perego people about how the stroller won't collapse anymore, returning dvd's to the library, going to strollercize and...what else...oh yeah, calling the car place for a checkup and oil change.

I'm only telling you all so that I have some accountability, not because I think this list is interesting.

Please, next time you see me, ask how my list is going. Thanks!

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