Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Random Christmas

Happy New Year! Last year was lovely and we hope this coming year is the same. Ben and I started off our year yesterday as usual...running a 5km race. It's our 4th year in a row doing this and i think we will keep it up for many more year to come. We also had our traditional turkey dinner at Grandma Mary's house. Lovely!

We are still having a relaxing holiday...but like to remember our are more pictures for you.
Experimenting with the new camera tripod:Katie enjoying her train set (so so cool...a Real train set of Disney's Thunder Mountain!!):
Enjoying a new book...this one got rave reviews from Katie instantly!
At Christmas Eve mass: Chucks!
Katie's beautiful vintage school desk...little big for her now but she'll grow into it!
And a penguin:
And for big news...Katie has recently doubled her teeth! Yes, New Years Eve day I randomly checked for teeth and discovered her two front teeth...a little late for Christmas...! (phew...this explains Katie's weird non-napping phase...I hope! She's been very reluctant to nap sometimes lately and it's comforting (for us...and her?) to think it's teething related.

Have a wonderful day!

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