Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy Merry Joyous Awesome Holidays!

Hello! My goodness long time no see! Sorry for the break, it was very unplanned and I ended up enjoying the break from blogging more than I thought I would. Since we last posted, I managed to take almost 300 pictures. Luckily (for you) I won't be posting them all. A quick selection for now and others to come.

Katie had a lovely selection of Christmas outfits for the season. From Auntie Alli:
(that's actual red velvet!) (and technically, I'm not a fan of the baby headband, but as soon as I saw it on Katie I was suckered in and thought it was the cutest thing EVER.)

We also had this cutie, from Scotland, courtesy of Russ and adorable!
I know, the tights don't quite match, but I realized too late that Katie only had one pair of stockings. Oops!

I do think the stripey stockings kind of go well with this cute outfit from Auntie Andrea and Uncle Sheldon. (it's a top and skirt) Can't wait to wear this one lots!
I also feel that hats are an important part of ones wardrobe and we have two to show off: a University of Alberta one that is "Awesome!"...
And this adorable one from Auntie's a sheep (lamb?) hat! So warm and soft! (no real sheep were harmed in the wearing of this hat!)This "baby's first Christmas" was very joyful for many reasons...including seeing loved ones from afar:
Auntie Alli and Uncle Shannon...
Cousin Danny...

And Cousin Georgina, all the way from Australia (although technically from Muncie, Indiana, where she is currently studying).
Another BIG reason for joy this Christmas (or technically Boxing Day) is this newly engaged couple:
Big HUGS and Congratulations to Andrea and Sheldon!

And what Christmas post would be complete without a few pictures of Katie and presents (we may show more of this type of picture in another post...)?

A ball (with a tinkley bell inside!):
And a box:

I think Ben and I (and Katie of course) can honestly say it was our best Christmas EVER. It was so lovely to see people and relax (Ben can't even remember what he does for a living!) and spend time together as a family. (insert nice family picture here)(instead I have dad and Katie...and mom behind the camera!)
Hope everyone reading had a very nice holiday too! We'll see you tomorrow (or soon anyway).

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