Tuesday, December 11, 2007

More sicko and surprises!

Katie's still feeling under the weather. Her breathing sounds terrible and her voice is all croaky but she still smiles and does her normal things...playing with rattles and eating puffed wheat. We also had a little visit with Grandma Mary yesterday and that brought her spirits up!(Yes, it's pajamas all day again!)

Yesterday I had a Very Very nice surprise! A few of you know that back at the end of September I had won a giveaway from a website...modmom...for some new baby feeding products from Boon. Well I was very glad I didn't post about it on the blog because they didn't actually arrive in the mail until yesterday (a very new product line...!) The giveaway included everything in the feeding line except the chairs (understandable...that would be expensive to ship!) . Really, you should check out their website...all the feeding products are cool and they have some cool stuffed toy storage, awesome bath stuff and pretty jewelry. Katie tried her best to look excited, but it was hard being sick.

I opened a few of them right away and the snackball is neat...Katie thinks it's a toy ball of course. The Squirt feeding spoon I used for cereal this morning and it's weird but also very very neat! The sippy cup isn't quite spill "proof" but more spill resistant...I wouldn't throw it in the diaper bag full of water but it's fine if it just tips over. Anyway...we're very excited!

And yesterday I was able to make a batch of Gingerbread cookies. Mini Baby Katie Gingerbread cookies actually. So cute! Katie will not be eating them but I'm sure Ben will eat her share. The nice thing about baby size cookies is that one recipe makes hundreds cookies!
If anyone feels like skipping work today to come and say hi to Katie today, you just might get a cookie!

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Alli said...

Those white jammies look so cozy!! She's adorable in them. Can we come over for cookies? Yummmmmm......