Monday, December 3, 2007

DECcoldEMBER - with many pictures!

Funny how December happens and the cold sneaks in. It's pretty freezing these the -20 (-27 with windchill) range. We're bundling up and eating soup.

Thank goodness for warm pink things! Friday night we had dinner at G Cheryl and G Ken's. Grandpa learned how far Katie can lean...especially when she wants puffed wheat!
And we all reminded ourselves that the best toys are kitchen tools (or boxes, or paper).Katie gives Grandma the "who's holding me now? Ah, it's you! That's good!" look.And Katie was denied dad's ice cream. "No ice cream for you!"Grandma brought out some tiny baby books.We hadn't been to Grandma and Grandpa's house in a while so we made sure to visit a few different rooms. And proof that Katie enjoys playing on any bed, not just mom and dad's. We explored the hardwood floor and spent quality time with Grandpa.Went up to the loft and sat in the BIG chair. Grandma pulled out the pop up book with animal mouths that try to eat you...Katie was scared!And then realized it was just a book!Katie explored carpet...maybe for the first time? We weren't sure, but she certainly hasn't been on a lot of carpet. Saturday we met Russ and Steph for Brunch. Yum. And got Russ to take a rare family photo of the three of us.Saturday we also went to a lovely craft fair. We bought this cool t-shirt. Doesn't Katie look hip?Apparently we must be on a blue kick, because we picked up another item. Meet the newest addition to the house...Blue Haired Girl:Coming soon to a wall near you (near you when you come to our house!). She's officially known as Sea for Hair and done by local artist Amanda Woodward, who is a fellow knitter as well.

In other news, and I'll make this quick since this is getting long anyway, Katie is perfect. She's happy and cute and fun and pooping nicely.

(Poop Story Warning...if you don't like poop, don't read!!)

I was changing Katie just before she went down for her first nap this morning, as I had suspicions of some bum-ish activity. I must be a good bum activity sensor, because I was correct. Big Poop. I set the dirty diaper on the table while I cleaned her up and then as I wrapped up the wipes in the diaper and threw it all away, I noticed something. Something on the floor. What the heck...HOW did a huge bit of poop get on the floor AND I didn't notice? "Didn't notice" enough to step in it. Ah, the things we do for our babies. (Katie, if you're 13 years old now and reading this, I'm sorry, don't be embarrassed it's natural and good and yes, that's how much we love you.)

Enjoy your Monday!

*Edited to add: For some reason the pictures on this post I've re-added them...hopefully they don't reappear and have everyone seeing double! - December 8th/07*

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