Wednesday, December 12, 2007

It's getting better all the time...

Katie is feeling much better today! (as far as I can tell...she hasn't actually said "mom, I feel better") Thanks to some advice from a mom-friend I tried some saline spray for her crusty nose and I honestly think she started breathing better almost immediately. Her voice is back a bit today we can actually hear her cry again yay! (yay?)

As you may recall, we missed Katie's last swimming lesson on Sunday. We called to see what we do about the report card and they said it would be mailed out. I guess they meant instantly because it arrived in the mail yesterday. Being swimmers both her dad and I, we felt really proud of our girl's first swimming report card. I'm excited not about how well she did (although she did do well) but about her sharing some experiences I had as a child. (ignoring the discrepancy in that I probably was not in swimming lessons when I was 7 months old)
I notice that they've gone away from embroidered badges and started giving out stickers. That's a little harder to put on a backpack (or something) isn't it? I could have sewn her badge on the diaper bag! For bragging! Maybe I should put the sticker on the car? (kidding!) (And you should read the nice and personalized!)

Dad practiced his video skills last night and this is what you get (I think very good!)

That's all for today...but wait, does it smell like Up Dog in here? =)

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