Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Simple Fun

Well, "the guy" from Sears came but couldn't fix the microwave. Not that he didn't try:
This is what's behind the touchpad if the microwave. Neat! It is fixable, but they need to order a part (inverter and a fuse? was hard to understand him). Good thing we still have our old microwave.

Katie had some simple fun yesterday...with a yogurt container. Kids are so easily impressed. Don't you sometimes wish we were all more like this?
Everything is new and exciting! The other day I gave her a clean whisk to play with while I was cooking...I swear that kept her entertained for a good half hour. Of course, due to the banging my whisk is a little more flat and a little less round...but that's ok, it'll still whisk things, right?

Who Katie, we should all shorten our attention spans and move on to something else. Today I'm going to try ad get Katie's been quite a while since we've had any official numbers and we are very curious!

And by the way...I did try the peppermint marshmallow in some hot chocolate, as recommended on the web and on the box...and oh my goodness, it's heaven in a mug!!

Have a great day!

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