Thursday, December 13, 2007


Today I have proof that Katie is getting over her cold.

See that? No pajamas. When are feeling fun and perky and un-sick we get dressed in real clothes. Although not necessarily clothes that are meant to be worn together. A closer look at the pants:

These were bought ages ago on a super sale at the bay. Cheap cheap. A bit lighter and summery for December, but hey, did you hear it was above zero yesterday?

Ahem, and no, I wasn't purposely trying to camouflage Katie in the blanket.

We did actually go to Strollercize appears that we only skip Mondays (two in a row now). It was announced that there is a potluck lunch on Friday the 21st. Yay potluck...I grabbed the sign up sheet and was struck dumb trying to figure out what I could make that is awesome and appropriate. Crackers and cheeses and dips were already listed. Can't make something hot because we'll be working out first and THEN eating . (must earn food!)

I had already written my name down before the panic set I wrote "will bring something, not sure yet" and of course had to explain it all to the instructor. While chatting the instructor mentioned that she is Celiac and finds potlucks lacking in gluten free options and therefore eats all the chocolate (I think this was presented as something negative).

What's that? Do I hear a challenge? I am definitely going to bake something amazing and gluten free for her (Teachers Pet 4-evah!). Any suggestions??

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