Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Snow Days

We've had some snowy days here this week. And cold enough that Katie and I decided to make Monday a Snow Day and stay home from strollercize. Good plan.

Katie got some diaper free time...

...on her Frog towel, in front of the mirror. So much fun!

I also decided that for a snow day we should stay all day in pajamas. Katie thought it was a great idea.
Here's a picture of the snow on the tree outside our front window.
Note that this was of course taken from indoors...not going out if we don't have to!

Yesterday, Katie and I decided to do the same thing. Pajamas almost all day again. And more photos taken on the floor in front of the couch. I was having fun with the "multiple pictures" setting (or whatever you call it), where you hold the button down and it takes continuous shots. You end up with some good shots like this:(Was Katie going CRAZY with cabin fever?...Nope, she's fine!)
Being (stuck) inside did make mom a little crazy, er I mean CRAFTY and I whipped up this:A stuffed elephant for Katie! From a 10 year old pair of corduroy pants (Eurofit? What was I thinking!?) (Eurofit=baggy and ugly). I still have to make eyes and other details, but so far so good. No pattern, just winging it. Hope Katie likes it! Better pictures when it's all finished.

And Dad is famous...he was on the news (for about a nanosecond) yesterday for playing dodgeball at school.

We had soup again for dinner yesterday...beef barley from the company's coming slow cooker book. And fresh bread from the bread machine.

Today Katie and I ARE going out, even though the weather's not much nicer. She has her second flu shot this morning and we really should get to strollercize this afternoon. Even in a -29C windchill? (how crazy is the weather when it actually gets colder as the day goes on??) Hmm...We'll see.

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