Monday, December 10, 2007

Poor Baby!

Sadly, Katie is a big sicko today. She had a cough and sneezy thing this weekend that developed a bit and now (though still fairly cheerful) her breathing is terrible and she can barely "talk" or cry because she's so stuffed up. We think she'll be fine but we're keeping an eye on it.

She did have a good weekend though...Look at these lovely pants!We just LOVE these pants. They're bright and colourful and comfortable. And the shirt is from MEC in a weird salmon colour that wouldn't match anything...but it matches these pants! How cool is that?
Friday Katie and I went to Costco and she had her first ride in a shopping cart. She loved it! And it's great for us because since moving out of the bucket car seat, options for Costco shopping were to Bjorn her (which she's almost too big for now) or bring her stroller in (which doesn't work well when you're buying anything big, like diapers). So happy!
Saturday we ventured out for a bit of shopping. Urban Barn was fun and Katie enjoyed the big comfy couch.
We also went to a nearby Chap-digo (Chapters/Indigo...Ben made up that name isn't it fun?) and while mom had a coffee and dad had a bearclaw (random Flickr bearclaw picture), Katie had fun with a bag.

Also this weekend, we had a visit from Andrea...she'd been away for a couple of weeks including a conference in Vegas...lucky girl. The reunion of Katie and her Dimple Buddy was a happy one. And not just because there was a present. =)
Um...yes, Katie did wear the same outfit two days in a row, but it was too cute not too! Very good for Jumping.
Sunday we skipped Katie's last swimming lesson because it was apparent she was getting this cold, so we hung out and napped and Katie had lunch in the style of the French (meaning it took hours to eat). It took Katie a while to eat because mom let her play with her food and get a little messy.
Not really fun to cleanup afterwards but worth it.
Today will be low key and we're skipping strollercize. I don't think the other mom's would be too happy with me bringing Germy Girl. At least she's sick now and not during Christmas Holidays...that would be even less fun!

Have a happy Monday!

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Feel better baby!!