Thursday, December 6, 2007

Busy Sleeper

Yesterday when Katie was napping she was very busy. I know because when I heard her wake up and went to go get her, she looked like this.
And closer up...
Completely perpendicular in her crib. Rest assured I am not crazy and do not purposely place her like this for her nap. She was in the crib lengthwise until she got busy during nap time and turned herself around. That's a lot of hard work! Can you imagine doing this in your big people bed? Keep in mind she doesn't get on her hands and knees just yet, it's all shimmying etc.

What a girl!

Yes, we did go to strollercize yesterday and it wasn't as cold as I'd feared. Today we are doing laundry and perhaps a trip to the big mall? We'll see.

And I'm actually dying to try this No-Knead Bread recipe, but it takes 18 hours of rising time and I just haven't quite figured out how to make sure I'm ready to bake the bread 18 hours from now. Maybe a weekend project?

Happy Thursday!

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