Friday, December 7, 2007


Yesterday was Thursday and as our bowling partners are still relaxing in Cuba we decided to bowl off early...this way we don't need babysitters and we can have an early night. Usually when bowling we don't get home until after 10pm, which (are we getting old yet?) feels quite late to us. When there's just two of us, bowling goes quickly so Katie doesn't seem to mind hanging out and watching us bowl. We do attend to her if necessary.

Katie was stunned to see how big dad's bowling shoes are.And a little worried...don't worry, your feet probably won't be that big!
Getting to spend an evening at home with her is always fun for dad (who's had a busy week and came home twice this week after she had already gone to sleep...Christmas...can you get here any faster?). Dad proves he makes an excellent substitute for a La-z-Boy (La-z-Dad!)

The La-Z-Dad's not just cuddly, but fun and silly too!
Katie and I did end up going to WEM yesterday. We did pick of a few little gifts (Love H+M!)(no link to their website because it's slow to load and seriously promoting their holiday underwear in a way that I don't appreciate...really annoying!) but enjoyed watching all the people too. I wonder, as I always do when at the mall on a weekday, where do all these people come from...don't they have to work? =)

Tonight I have book club so dad's on his own with Katie. Good way to start the weekend I think!

Hope you enjoy yours!

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