Thursday, January 31, 2008

Berry Organized

Today we are definitely heading out. In fact, Katie and I already drove dad to work. ( make sure I remember how to drive!) Not sure what we'll do or where we'll go, but I'll let you know tomorrow.

To remind you (and me) that winter doesn't last forever...a close up of birthday flowers sent from Auntie Alli. Aren't they gorgeous?After looking at the flowers for a while, in an effort to keep the cabin fever at bay, I decided to organize/tidy Katie's bookshelf. We do a fair amount of reading, treating books like toys and bringing them out throughout the day...and not always putting them back. After a tidy, things looked much better.
And I took down a proper box to store some toys...better than in a corner of the room or in a saggy bag( could I not type that?).
I also took the liberty of doing a photoshoot...while cleaning up, I found this hat that I'd knit ages ago, pre-Katie. (it's amazing what you find when you clean up!)

A month or two ago, I had tried it on her head and it was way too big...and when Ben tried it on and it stretched to fit, I thought she wouldn't be wearing it until she was a teenager (and then she wouldn't want to wear it!) but to my surprise, now it's perfect!
The hat is called something like "Berry Tart Hat" and is supposed to look like a blackberry/raspberry tart...note the pie crust brim?

Anyway, just like Katie, I think it's too cute and babies should definitely wear cute hats., don't you think?

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Alli said...

That is a CUTE CUTE RASBERRY BABY!!!! I'm going to print that one out and put it on the fridge. LOVE IT@@@