Friday, January 11, 2008

The Exploratron

This morning, as I read finished reading the paper I let Katie have some play time on a blanket in the living room. Within easy viewing distance, but away enough that she would play by herself. Today it feels like she's an exploring machine! She's rolling from back to front and then back again with no effort. Grabbing this toy and that toy and holding them up, chewing on them, rattling them. I didn't put too many toys right around her, but she's rolled and shimmied over to a nearby pile of toys and is just having fun fun fun! It's so neat to see. I'm sure I've said this, but she's definitely not "crawling" yet, but her movement and strength is getting better everyday. For a non-crawler, she can cover quite a bit of ground!

She's also playing with her mouth and tongue lately...clicking her tongue a bit and smacking her lips a cute! I'll try and video it soon, but it's so random it's hard to catch on film.

Yesterday I let her play under the table...a bit of a new world. (that's the cord to the headphones there, sorry about that)
(see, I got rid of it when I noticed it)
She just goes and slides backwards! And to be completely honest, she did at one point manage to pull herself forward by about a centimeter just by using her hands on the hardwood. Only once though.

Yesterday while eating, she saw dad's previously mentioned headphones and we indulged her a bit by trying them on. Future DJ?
We also had a lovely coffee date with Those _____ Girls...but I forgot the camera! They've grown so much in the last month! They have more hair and cute tiny barrettes...and they're walking! Whoa...Jo Anne is sure to be getting some exercise with those girls running around!

Overall yesterday was a happy day with a happy baby!

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