Friday, January 4, 2008


Here's a picture of Katie's new front teeth...sorry this smile looks so...forced...=)

But aren't they huge? She's sleeping better these days and I think the worst is over with these particular teeth. You'll see more I'm sure as they get big enough to show when she smiles. Naturally. =)

Yesterday we waited for our new fridge to come...which it did but was dented in the unloading process (professional delivery persons...really?). As we had already dismantled the old fridge doors and had it removed from the house a few quick phone calls to a manager ensured us that a brand new fridge would be on its way early this morning. I suppose the good thing about Winter is that we could store our food outside for hours without spoilage. We did eventually plug in the old (energy sucking) fridge that we had in the garage. (a brand new fridge was a Christmas gift to ourselves and a purchase toward better energy efficiency) Pictures of the new fridge soon!

Katie looks cute in this cute vintage top passed on to me by my was either mine or my cousin's or something...definitely a classic. And adorable!
And since we're talking adorable (and when talking about Katie when aren't we?) may I present these slippers:
These were a gift and are so so soft and cute! They fit perfectly and are well loved by Katie already. The eagle eyed among you may have spotted them in earlier photos since there's a distinct possibility mom and dad may have opened the gift a wee bit before Christmas.

In other lovely pictures...we have this nice four generation photo of GG Mary, G Ken, Ben and Katie. And Katie having fun(and help) with her new...whatchamacallit...rider/walker toy thing.

And in big girly news, I went wedding dress shopping with Auntie Andrea and G Mary yesterday. Here's a preview of her favorite. (maybe Sheldon shouldn't look at this?)

Happy Friday!

P.S. As If! You really think I would post pictures of her dress? What am I crazy? =)

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