Monday, January 21, 2008

Another One!

Another what?

Well...what I didn't tell you on Friday was that I posted early because out little one decided to wake up early. As in 5:00AM early. Yes. We were not impressed. By 6:00AM I had given up and decided we were just getting up early that day. It wasn't until after her nap that I figured out why. Tooth number 5!

Never must I doubt my easy going Katie...I should know that when she's "off" that something is up because she is never "off" without a reason. Trust The Baby. The new tooth had just broken's the one just to the right (your right, her left) of her two bottom teeth. We've had no problems since and a happy girl all weekend.

Friday night we jumped. Tried it with a canopy (blanket) and found that it makes Katie's hair all static-y! Fun!
Saturday we had a nice visit with our friends David and Neil. It was such a nice had been way too long since we had seen them last. David and Neil also brought an awesome Christmas present for Katie, of which I will share pictures later. (Mom took no pictures of their visit...Bad Mommy Blogger!). So instead, you get cute baby pictures post visit.

Katie playing with newspaper fliers.

And Saturday night Katie tried eating pasta for the first time. Tiny pasta shells cut in half yum. No sauce yet! (Although, come to think of it now, we could do sauce maybe for her...something like a plain tomato sauce...plain without seasonings maybe? When can a baby eat spices etc? I don't know...I'll have to find out!)

Notice the New-Old high chair...this was Ben's baby high chair and Grandpa and Grandma refinished it and brought it over. Such a beautiful high chair! We were trying it without the cushion to prop her up, but have decided that the cushion is better for now.
Katie likes pasta! (and gives mom and dad more time to eat since Katie can feed herself and do it s-l-o-w-l-y)
Hmm...really, I'm not sure what's up with this face. I do not serve sour pasta...I think she's just chewing. Also this weekend...I went to Bridal Fantasy with Auntie Andrea, Grandma Mary and Tracey (another bridesmaid) on Sunday morning. Saw lots of pretty things...flower arrangements, table settings, dressed, jewelry, cakes...and all sorts of things.

After Ben and Katie and I went to a friend's (from strollercize) house for a lunch/playdate. We had a lovely time. Ben went to school later in the afternoon to help students prepare for exams and we finished off the weekend with dinner at Grandma and Papa's.

How was your weekend?

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