Monday, January 14, 2008

Brought to you by the letter "N"

This weekend Katie started making "N" sounds...neh neh neh...adding to the repertoire that includes M sounds, Y (as in Ya) sounds and the occasional D sound. (Ben, am I missing anything?). So very Neat to see the language come about...making all those sounds seems easy to us, but when you see her little tongue trying and learning to make's amazing! This weekend was pretty low key...Friday Katie enjoyed some one on one time with her zipper (one of her favorite words lately...she smiles and sometimes giggles when you say it!)

She was also very busy rolling over both this way and that way. Here's a photojournalistic view of rolling over. (maybe if you blink fast while looking at each picture it'll seem like a movie?)

We also were very excited to see Grandma Cheryl after her return from Hawaii...we missed her! (Katie's fauxhawk was entirely dad's idea)We tried eating blueberries for the first time...yum!Saturday Night we had an evening at Russ and Stephanie's. Katie had a lovely visit with their adorable kitten, Honey. (who clearly knows how to pose for the camera!)
Is there an uncomfortable "predator/prey" vibe going on in this picture or is it just me?And, there was much Wii fun to be had after Katie had gone to sleep...with a little Guitar Hero. We all had lots of fun rocking out.
My band name would apparently be "U2 Can Have Red Socks":
Ben (who didn't get booed off the stage) is from the Yoo Rock Fighters. Now if you'll please excuse me, I have to take care of a little one who thought it would be funny to wake up twice for undetermined reasons last Night AND thinks that means she doesn't Need to Nap this morning. (Never mind if I Need to Nap this morning!)

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pootandcubby said...

Hey! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog last week. I didn't realize Katie had her own blog too. She is so cute! I hope to see you at SnB tonight - maybe you could give me some Guitar Hero tips? I truly have reached an advanced level of suckitude on that game.