Thursday, January 17, 2008

More movin and groovin

Katie's "scooting" is proving very entertaining these days. It's like we're always playing a game of "Where will Katie Be?". I realize this is only training for the real thing when she starts crawling and I have mini heart attacks when she's moved so far I can't find her fast enough. Still very fun to play!

Here, I had left her more in the center of the room and she's pushed back to explore under her crib. (where we are currently storing her train set)"Oooooh, Train Set!"
And next time I looked, she's turned over and around and back (or something) somehow. Wow!
What's that she's wearing you ask? (you remember the pants I'm sure!) It's a cute shirt! Ben and I both love it! (Ben's having some pink wardrobe rebellion these days...I say ok, balance IS nice)

And meal time fun continues...Katie does sometimes like to get her hands in her food, and I occasionally indulge her, because she does need to learn stuff. "What does cereal feel like squished between fingers? Can I put it all over the chair and my outfit?" Sometimes we see "What does it taste like?" but not always.

There are attempts to grab the spoon sometime, although usually the wrong end. Today I found a teachable moment and put the spoon properly in her hand and walked her through the "getting food on spoon and feeding yourself" steps. She seems to understand... Either this is going to be great or I've created a monster!

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