Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Miss Food

It's still mighty cold here and we're still hanging in there. Ben made it to school and reported that he was indeed toasty. Layers. Works every time.

I kept Katie warm in her purple fleece outfit (this has been a favorite for ages and we love it...it'll be a sad day soon when this retires...please, if you see anything like this, snap it up for us will you? Fleece, sporty, top and bottom...what's not to love?). I had lost the pants for a while there but found them in the pajama drawer. Why didn't I look there sooner?!Although cold, it was bright and sunny yesterday.
Katie and Chickie had fun. And I swear, she played peek-a-boo with her Touch and Feel Christmas book...but when I took out the camera to make a video, she forgot all about the book. Someday I'll get a video and show you.
Grandma Cheryl picked up a cute new rubber bib to try.

We like it...it catches all the food...
...So Katie doesn't miss any. She does hate to miss food. ('scuse the hair...that's quite the bed head!)

And special blog guest today...Dottie! Uncle Shannon and Auntie Alli emailed a cute picture of their puppy...so sweet! Katie hasn't yet met Dot, but I know she'll love the picture. Yay puppy!

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Aunt Alli said...

Oh my goodness, puppies and babies all in one blog!! I can't stand it :) Love the bed head!!!