Thursday, January 10, 2008

A Goodbye...

How to say this? Recently my Grandmother passed away...Katie's mom's mom's mom. Though not entirely unexpected it's still a bit hard to process. Pictured here in early April.Grandma T. was a wonderful part of my life and especially my childhood. One of my favorite memories of childhood were the many summers spent almost entirely underwater in the pool in her backyard. I'm trying very hard to convince G Mary and G Dan that their fish pond needs upgrading to a full size pool. =)

Grandma T. will be missed and we are happy she is reunited with Grandpa and know we will see her again when our time comes. Love you Grandma!

While funerals are never "fun" they are nice because you get to see a lot of family(and we have a lot!). We all gathered at my mom and dad's the evening before the funeral. Katie and my cousin Shannon:Lots of people!
Katie was a hit and great to have around. Cousins Dani and Connor were very fun to play with.
And as I mentioned, even though it was for sad reasons we got together, there was a lot of laughter.

The next day post funeral, we gathered for pizza. (Katie loves necklaces...guard your jewelry ladies!And never underestimate the power of an envelope. Yesterday, while dad was working hard at school (yay for bringing home the bacon!) Katie and I went to G Mary and G Dan's...also known as Papa...and we discovered that apparently even toy Chameleons can camouflage!
Katie says "It starts with matching toys...wait until I discover purses and shoes!"
Wishing you all a happy Thursday!

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