Monday, January 7, 2008

Special Request

I have received a special request to use the magical powers of the internet to show of real live actual pictures of Andrea's gorgeous engagement ring (Sheldon's family is all the way on the other side of the country!). Here it is (click to make bigger):

As you can imagine, pictures do not do the ring is beautiful and lovely and the perfect style for Auntie Andrea. Good Job Sheldon!

Friday I dragged Ben to strollercize (after our new fridge arrived! Forgot to take pictures...will do soon). Ben had a great time and worked very hard and is still feeling a bit sore. Proof that Katie and I work very hard!
Speaking of proof, you need to see proof that Katie's hair is getting long...!

Ok, not that long, but she is getting a bit mullet-y in the back. I'll try and get a picture of that soon too. =) Ben and I were looking at some pictures from August and were amazed that we had forgotten how bald she was (compared to now). Go check out some August posts, you'll be amazed!

Other things we did this weekend...breakfast with my cousins at G Auntie Joan's...lovely! And we also went to a movie with our bowling buddies, Jon and Shelley. I Am Legend...can I be honest with you and say that I've never been so scared by a movie in all my life? Suspense scared not gory...suspense gets me every time! (Katie was not scared because she was at G Mary and G Dan's house!)

We also had Grandpa Ken over for dinner last night. Soup and bread for dipping and pear and blackberry crisp for dessert. Yum! Poor Grandma Cheryl didn't get to have any because she's stuck in Hawaii right now for a conference.

Happy Monday all! (Ben's back to work today...we miss him already!)

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Happyflower said...

Happy New Year! Wanted to let you know I'm reading your blog too, I'm just not very good at putting in comments.

Congratulations to Andrea and Sheldon!!!