Wednesday, January 30, 2008


We have a fever...the cabin kind. It's still freezing and there's ice in the corner of the windows...inside that is. We're coping...playing and reading...even doing a bit of laundry (that's getting desperate!). I was hoping to go out today, but the forecast is for more bone chilling cold so I think we'll be staying in.
We have resorted to playing with empty popcorn tins.
When you put things in it, it's a musical instrument!
And nothing but severe cabin fever would have made me do the following...I shouldn't have done it, but I did. We were playing in Katie's room when I picked up a baby book...not FOR babies, but about them. And flipped innocently to the milestone section.

You know the one, the lists designed to make you think "my baby is not where they are supposed to be" when usually you think "my baby is perfect and learning new things every day and is so smart and perfect.". My official stance on milestones is that they are to be ignored and that Katie will do everything in her own time. Baby x at strollercize who is the same age could not sit up when Katie could, but is now crawling while Katie isn't. Perfect example of what a piece of hooey the lists are.

Anyway...where was I? Yes...what I did today. After reading the (evil) book that said Katie should have been pulling herself up to standing over a month ago, I decided to try and make Katie do it.

Sit beside the chair and tempting Cheerio on top of ottoman...wait...cover ears...
Smile of encouragement...see, it's not so bad!
What? You WANT the Cheerio? Really? That's it, stand up, you can do it...

Hey...what are you looking at?
It's about the Cheerio, not the ottoman, the Cheerio!
Ok, I get it, you don't care about the Cheerio and you're not standing up. Remind me that lists are garbage.

And later on all was forgiven as we cuddled together in a jacket. Like old times. Hope you're all warm and fever free.

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