Friday, February 1, 2008

The (nap)Times They are a Changing

While not for sure, I have a sneaking (or is it sinking?) suspicion Katie is losing a nap. She's, until now, been a very consistent 3 nap/day girl. Nice because I get more "mom time" but also a bit annoying because there's not a big window of time to do anything.

We've noticed her naps have been fairly easy to "push" in the last month or so. We could even skip one occasionally or get by with a cat nap in the car. Yesterday, I tried to put her down at 8:15, 15 min later than the usual (this is an hour after she wakes up and eats breakfast...seems silly I know, but it worked) and I heard her, off an on until shortly after 9. I didn't hear much noise, so I thought she was sleeping a bit. But when I "woke her up" and was nursing her, she fell asleep so quick that I knew she had not slept much, if at all.

This morning, I decided to keep her up until she really let me know she was tired, and that wasn't until around 9am. So, by my scientific calculations, this could lead to her waking up a bit before lunch and going down again at least by mid afternoon. Two naps/day.

We'll see how my theory works and as always, I will listen to her cues regardless of what the clock says.

On to pictures! Katie got some mail yesterday! An lovely early Valentines Day card from Auntie Alli and Uncle Shannon. Such a cute bunny! It's all flocked (aka soft and velvety).

And this, is my smart Katie multitasking. Playing with her zipper while playing with her card. (not trying to lick the bunny) What fun!Shake Shake Shake!
Our little girl is growing...that big snowsuit sort of fits enough to wear now. Which is good because the other, light pink one is getting a bit snug.
Our adventure in Winterland went well yesterday...a quick stop at the yarn shop to buy buttons for one of Katie's sweaters and look at (drool) over beautiful yarn. And Katie came with dad and I to pre-bowl for league night, since the rest of our team was away and it's not as much fun without them. (Ben was awesome, myself, not so much!)

Today, episode (what seems like) 135 with the microwave..."Repair Guy, Back Again".

Happy Friday!

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