Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Family Day Long Weekend

We had a really nice Family Day Long Weekend. Saw lots of family and enjoyed having Dad home for an extra day.

Friday, while Katie and I were visiting Grandma Mary, we tried a new thing.
Practicing standing on the couch. It's so neat! Gives her a sense of standing, while well supported. Look how tall she is!We also practiced it while we were at Grandma Cheryl's for dinner on Friday. Katie and Grandpa Ken had some fun together. There was even some reading!Saturday morning we had Auntie Andrea and Sheldon over for breakfast. They're so boring...all they do is stare at Katie! (I'm kidding...that's what we do ALL the time and WE'RE not boring. Are we?)Katie also tried on some pants we bought a while ago. They're loose fitting...a bit "culotte-y" and maybe better suited for summer capri season. But cute!
Saturday night while mom and dad made pizza for dinner Katie had some fun with the junk in her trunk.
Mom's watch! Not junk after all!
And Sunday we had pasta for lunch...thanks to grandma Cheryl we've found a favorite new pasta shape.
These tiny macaroni fit right on Katie's fingers! Perfect for playing and eating.

Later in the evening, while winding down before bed, dad and Katie both spent some time reading.
Monday night we had dinner at Grandma Mary's and took the opportunity to take a family photo. (ps...grandma Cheryl...we should do this too sometime soon!)In other non photographed news...Here's a riddle for you:

What's tiny and doesn't photograph well?

A new tooth! That's right, Katie has sprouted another one. Her right just beside the middle teeth. A trooper she is and we didn't even see this one coming. (I do random tooth searches...kind of like random drug searches, but more trusting in Katie and it's good if you find something.)

Let's end off with a fun video! Practicing another new skill...sitting to tummy!

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