Tuesday, February 26, 2008

10 months - CrawlWatch 2008

Katie is 10 months old today! ( I know, what happened to 9 months?...mom forgot to mention it last month...oops.)

YAY! 10 Months!

Yesterday was a breakthrough day in un-crawling. We all know Katie is a master of the scoot, the roll and the shimmy, but has shown little interest in "real" crawling.

Yesterday, in the warm sun, Katie was exploring on her own (with mild supervision) and I saw her doing this:
And this:

This is official" getting knees up" activity. Difficult to do on the hardwood. Although we practice it occasionally, Katie has not managed to do it much on her own or keep her knees there long. Yesterday she did it lots! It was hard to get a picture because she'd hear the camera and fall down. She was actually even on her knees AND hands once. Crazy!She was pretty excited! When dad came home we practiced more and he said she was doing it lots!
Happy girl! We are officially on CrawlWatch 2008. (no pressure...for all we know Katie may read the blog, rebel and refuse to do it again for a month!)
Maybe it's from watching all the active babies at the birthday party on the weekend. Or the extra muscle energy from the protein in the meat we've started eating. Or maybe it's just time.

Watch out...Katie says "I'm coming to get you!"

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Aunt Alli said...

That bum in the air is SOOOO cute!!! I love her crawl/drag/wiggle! LOVE IT!!!
Lots of love :)