Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Good Solid Weekend.

We had a good solid weekend. Nothing extra fancy, just plain old good.

Katie jammed Friday evening in her mom-made sweater, which was recently buttoned (buttons added that is). We have decided it's still too big for regular wearing. Grow faster!
Saturday, dad took mom out for some "What Not To Wear" action (clothes shopping! Successful!) while Grandpa Ken babysat. Katie timed it so that she was fed just as we got back and we got to capture the bottle feeding (I'm usually not around for that!).
She looks content.
And Katie also agreed to model a new (non mom-made) sweater from Superstore.(we've said before how much we LOVE their clothes, right?)
How adorable! Makes me want to have a sweater like that for myself!
Dad (former Dodgeball Champion...it's not all bowling and triathlon!) lets Katie play with the TV remote. We LOVE the TV remote. And in New Foods...we tried Kiwi yesterday...delicious!And for full weekend confessions...There was FUNdraising going on at the mall. And, only for the sake of supporting a local volleyball team, we purchased some doughnuts. If you know how many fit into this box, and thus how many Ben and I ate in a 24 hour period, please don't say anything!We also watched some Superbowl on Sunday at Great Uncle Joe and G. Auntie Joan's. Katie was mesmerized...Chili was good and the commercials were fun. Just don't ask me who was playing or who won. (I'm not much for sports)

Right now Katie is on the kitchen floor, rolling around playing with the contents of the diaper bag which she emptied and explored all by herself. (I am supervising of course...there's mostly her toys in there anyway!). More scooting going on but no real crawling. She does a kind of army crawl over her arm, but that's about it...and only once or twice to get what she wants. And if she doesn't get it, she just rolls over and find something else.

For those of you wondering about the microwave, (episode 732) we have resolution...they will replace our microwave! The store manager is just looking to see if they still sell that model or whether they will sub something similar. About Time!

:-p to you sears!

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Anonymous said...

I would just like to say that yes, I DO KNOW HOW MANY DONUTS fit into that box! But I'm not going to tell because we have also polished off just as many. Good for you guys! Give snuggles to the Katesters for us!
Love, Steph & Russ