Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

By Katie

What is Valentine's Day? Well...It's a special day that mommy says I should wear pink or red for. (What's different...I wear pink on most days!) (and my sleeper has hearts on it...I think that's important too.)

What else...? Hmm...I Know!
It's about something called "LOVE". Like, see here, these two on my bib, the two that are dancing?
I think they are love. They dance all the time and hold hands and are in love. So nice!
I think too, that my mommy and daddy are love. They say "I love you" all the each other and to me too! So maybe family is love?

Whatever love is, I think I like it. And I think I like you too! Happy Valentine's Day everyone!


Auntie Andrea said...

If only we could make this a flip book.
Happy V-Day!!

Alli said...

I love it! So cute :) Give Kater's a big Valentine's kiss and hug from her Auntie Alli.