Thursday, February 21, 2008

Bon Voyages

First thing today, we'd like to wish Uncle Sheldon a big Bon Voyages...He's off with the Army to Afghanistan for 6 months or so. Best wishes and take care Sheldon! We promise to invite Andrea over for playdates whenever her busy schedule allows.
For old times sake, here's a picture from July: (this one makes me laugh every time!)
And a much better one from August. (Oh my, look at that green grass...can spring get here any quicker, please?)
Back to the present...Dad came home for lunch on Tuesday this week. Always a good time for a picture (lots of nice daylight!). We're wishing him a bon voyages too, because he's off to Lake Louise skiing, today until Saturday. Can you believe he has never been?

(to Lake Louise that is...he has been skiing, remember that time we went skiing when we were dating, Ben? And I kicked your butt? Oh yes that was fun!)

The other day Katie received a gift from Susan and Hal, friends of Grandma and Grandpa Cheryl. An ADORABLE Care Bear. (so happy these are still around!) This one is so sweet and it glows in the dark! Yay! (and we always like when we match!)
A shot of our new (it's about time) microwave. Looks like the old one! So nice having a clock again...I swear, as much as we missed having a real microwave, the clock was perhaps missed more.
Yesterday we paid a visit to Grandpa Ken (see, I promised you more Ken pictures!).
And Katie, really, it's kind of rude to go showing off your hip flexibility to a guy who just had his hip replaced, don't you think?

Katie was asleep for this, but I took pictures...the Lunar Eclipse. You can just start to see the edge on the bottom left disappearing. I'm sure I could have waited and taken better pictures but apparently I wasn't thinking.(see those apartment lights? That's where we lived when we first got married...I love that we can see it from where we live now.)

Wishing you a lovely Thursday!

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