Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Another day, another tooth...

Yes, Katie has sprouted her 6th tooth. My goodness! And without too much fuss...just one wake up incident about an hour after bed earlier this week. Red cheeks were sighted and we suspected a tooth was on the way. It's the 4th one on the bottom, on her right.

Yesterday I mentioned that Katie was into the diaper bag as I is the result.
A few hours (and a tidy) later, dad came home for lunch. We worked on our pointing skills (lights?).
And laughed at our reflection.
And took a family self portrait. Could not get one with all of us looking at the camera.
And for my dad, a look at The Gripper in action (a recent birthday gift to me):
Works very well! Easier to hold onto multiple bags and a bonus I hadn't even thought of, keeps the handles all together when I set them down and pick them up again (like when I take Katie out of the car then have to pick up 8 bags at once without falling over). (ok, never 8 bags, 4 on average!)

Hope you all have a great (Ash)Wednesday.

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