Monday, February 11, 2008

Weekend Fun

Happy Monday everyone! We had a very lovely and busy weekend. Hope you did too.

Katie had more fun with her rubber/scoop bib. Tastes yummy!
We had a dinner/playdate on Saturday night. M and R ad their son D. We met M and D at Strollercize. They came for a lovely dinner and agreed to make a blog appearance.
They are super nice and D is such a cutie! He's about 13 months old crawling up a storm and babbling lots.
Both dad's are big helpers...check out feeding time! (sorry about the backflash!)
Our busy weekend did also include some reading time. We love reading!

Sunday we visited with Grandpa Ken and Grandma Cheryl.
Katie got a hold of a magazine...G Ken warned her to be careful with it!
And Grandma brought out some farm animals...Katie was excited to see them!
It was a very green day on Sunday...this was not at all planned! (but I think I know what we'll all be wearing on St. Patrick's day eh?)
With encouragement, Katie practiced some standing (she's so tall when she stands!)
Sunday night we went to Auntie Andrea and Uncle Sheldon's to celebrate his Birthday. (Happy Birthday Sheldon!) I was too busy to take pictures until we were getting Katie ready to leave (into PJs). Don't worry Andrea, there was no pee in the taking of this picture. =)
And I leave you all with a better video of Katie scooting. (the Power of the Cheerio!)

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