Wednesday, February 13, 2008

He's Hip!

You know what's amazing? (besides lots of things?) how, almost 10 months later, I still think there's nothing as sweet as my (our) sleeping Katie. I went in to wake her up for a playdate yesterday and there she was...sleeping beautiful.

Our playdate was at Gymboree ( a free drop in/try it out class) with our friend Jonah from strollercize. It was an interesting class, lots of kids. Katie did get a little freaked out by all the excitement at one point. We may stick with strollercize for now.

The big excitement from yesterday was visiting Grandpa Ken in the hospital. Not to worry...he had a hip replaced yesterday morning and was on his walker by the afternoon. We love our big strong healthy Grandpa. Can you believe he looks this good post-op? (really, if I didn't know, I'd swear this was pre-op). So all is well, no worries, Grandpa is doing really well...couldn't be better. While he recovers at home for a few weeks we will be visiting lots, so you will see more G Ken pictures in the near future.
He wasn't able to get a private room so while we were there we were well entertained by the roommate. I won't go into details, but it's something I won't soon forget. Next time you see Grandpa Ken, make sure you ask him about it.

We stayed for dinner, which looked surprisingly good.
And Katie was lucky her Grandpa shares.
Had some snow last night, although it doesn't look to me like as much as predicted. Pretty and white.

Wishing you a pretty and white day. =)

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