Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A Boost

Yesterday was a fine warm sunny day! Nothing new to report on CrawlWatch 2008. More knees up but nothing else yet.

We had the fun of arranging a lunch date with Auntie Andrea. We ended up going to Booster Juice (did you know they have sandwiches as well as smoothies?) and had a great lunch. Katie, although she enjoyed holding the drink, didn't have any...she was happy to eat her avocado and pasta shells. Yum!
Other than that and a trip to Costco yesterday, we didn't do that much (although come to think of it, lunch and Costco is a pretty busy day!).

After Katie was in bed for the night...

speaking of sleep...she was SO SLEEPY yesterday that our usual routine of brushing her teeth was a no go. I tried to put the toothbrush (finger toothbrush) in her mouth while Ben was holding her but her eyes were closed and her mouth was the same...So Cute!...

...Ben and I organized treats for his students (yes, he does teach high school, but who says big kids don't need treats too?). That may not look like a lot of mini-eggs in the picture, but believe me it is.

Today's plans include a playdate and Strollercize. And to keep you laughing today, I must link to this (I emailed this to a few of you yesterday). It's too funny, I laugh every time I read it!

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