Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Today we are warm. The weather has perked up...yesterday was a balmy (get your shorts on) -1 or so. And I thought it would be a good day to try on a sweater jacket.
Ben's grandma (GG Mary) made this for him when he was little. I really thought it was going to be too big still, which is why we weren't wearing it when it was colder. But it fits really well! And it's cute. The sleeves are a little long, but that's good for keeping her hands warm.
After strollercize yesterday we went to G Mary's for lunch and tea. We had some blossoming tea that unfurls into a flower while it steeps. Beautiful!
As Grandma pointed out, you really need a glass teapot for full effect. A bodum/french press coffee maker worked very well.
Katie didn't have any tea, but enjoyed Grandma's pretty jewelry instead.
After Ben was finished work we went to prebowl for Thursday (our partners can't make it again) and bowled pretty well. We always play fast when we've got Katie with us and are often surprised at how well you can bowl when you don't over think your moves. We were pretty happy. (and driving...see how Ben is good and paying attention to the road instead of the camera? ...and not to worry, we were stopped at a light).Blackberries ...yummy, juicy and messy were eaten for dinner (tell me if you're ever tired of "Katie eating ___" pictures, ok?). I don't think Katie likes them as much as kiwi, but definitely better than lentils!We played with the ball popper in the evening...Katie enjoys it and tries to get the balls as they slide down.
And sometimes, she gets a little scared and hangs on to dad. Hope your Tuesday treats you well!

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