Friday, February 22, 2008

Tastes like...

Yesterday was sunny and warm. We decided to go for a walk. To the local expensive upscale supermarket. To buy chicken. Because I forgot when we went shopping earlier. Even though I had a list...I forgot the chicken. I won't tell you how often this happens to me.

Turned out to be a great mistake though because it was gorgeous and we had a great walk!

See how sunny? (oops, sun in our eyes)
(there, that's a bit better)
Along the walk through the neighbourhood it was all I could do not to take pictures the whole way. It was so great to be outside and walking. We had to watch the icy and puddly places but that made it interesting. And we saw this:
Where there digging up the nearby schoolyard to make a dry pond. (basically a man made "pond" that stays dry until there's a bit of a flood and it then fills with water) Seriously, we see dunp trucks full of dirt going in and out of the neighbourhood all day long working on this.

And so, because we walked, Katie was able to eat chicken for the very first time! She looked very excited.
But was a little less so once she tasted it. The whole meal she was excited to get the spoon in her mouth and then not so sure if she liked the taste. It was pretty messy.
I have been letting her grab the spoon a bit more these days, even though it takes longer to feed her this way. Means sometimes, like at breakfast this morning, we get messy. Squishy is fun. And for those that may be interested, I finished knitting a little lap blanket. It's just about big enough and I love it, although the frilly edges are not my favorite thing. It's blue and woolly and will keep us very toasty when we're watching TV. Hope you have a good Friday!

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