Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Day 3 - More Math and We Are Done!

We had our last pump class today. Spent a lot of time talking about calculating Insulin On Board (IOB). A Bolus of insulin that you give, either for food or to bring down high BG, is used up about 25% every hour, so 4 hours later, it is no longer in your system.

If you give a snack 2 hours after a meal (like we do at bedtime) you would calculate the insulin needed for the snack, but also subtract half of the insulin that was given 2 hours earlier (because half of that Bolus is still in your system). This was, you don't end up adding insulin on top of insulin and then end up with more than you need active in your body and go low later.

Best part...all the math we learned, which is good to know, is done by the pump calculators, so it's a little easier on a day to day basis.

The girls were good again today, colouring, watching movies and going for a walk with Ben.

The classes were good and it was nice to meet other families, some of whom had been on pump for a while and were refreshing their knowledge, so they had a lot of first hand experience to share (like for example with sick days...if you get ketones...drink lots of fluid to flush them out!!).

We ended up having our friends Steph and W and baby N for dinner as Russ is out of town. Pasta (carbed), salad, roast cauliflower and cucumber. Yum.

Hopefully, over the next few days/weeks, we will enjoy getting to know the pump and enjoy our last weeks of summer.

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