Monday, August 13, 2012

Day 1...saline

We have finished day one of pump school. The first of three mornings. I'm am SOO tired. But I think that has more to do with not sleeping great recently due to anxious and apprehensive feelings about these changes in our diabetes regime. Will Sam wear a pump? How will she wear it (belt clip, pouch of some kind? Should I sew pockets into all her clothes?). Will she try and take the pump off? How hard will the math etc be for Ben and I?

All told, the learning was fine. Getting to know how the pump works was great. Ben and I both have the canulas stuck to us (without insulin and tubing of course) a little elastic pinch going in...hurt less than when I prick my finger with a sewing needle. Sam was ok with it...not really happy but ok. She wasn't happy when I went to connect her to the tube/pump at the end of the session but once we did it and clipped the pump to the waist of her skirt, she was fine. We still gave the usual shots today.

Tomorrow, Ben and I will prep the pump with insulin, bring breakfast with us to clinic without giving Sam her normal shot of insulin and once we get it Checked by the nurses, we connect her.

One of the neatest things is that once you calculate the carbs in a meal, the remote glucose meter for the pump does all the other math and calculates your dose for you. You may want to adjust it, and can do so, but for most normal days it does all the work. Nice.

I'm so much focusing and thinking. And while Sam was pretty good about the pump stuff, we still had some related/unrelated(?) tantrums to deal with today. Also a pretty sedentary day which left SAMs sugars a little high...perhaps she was not feeling herself due to that. And Katie complained of a headache today several times so hopefully she(and Sam!) is not coming down with something.

Wish us luck for tomorrow!

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