Monday, April 21, 2008

Enough is Enough!

Other possible titles for today's post? No More Snow, We Don't Like Sequels: Winter Part 17, 15 cm Expected, Snow Day, What The Heck, Spring: Where Are You?
This photo was actually taken yesterday and there is much more snow now...but you can't really tell the difference in a picture so you get the old one.

Friday there was no snow...see?
Boy am I glad we went to the park when we did!

We also went for lunch...Hmm...Friday? Maybe this was Thursday...with Papa and Mrs. F and Papa's friend Danny. Rigoletto's...Yum! Such delicious food there...We've been eating Baked Rigatoni there since 3 locations ago, back when I was in high school. Katie says their water is excellent!
We'd like to introduce a new "Dean" (named by Katie herself):
I've started putting Dean in the crib with Katie when she naps...someone to chat with as she drifts off to sleep (that's the hope anyway). I think they get along really well! (Dean was given to us ages ago from our friend Steph's mom...thank you!...And Steph and Russ, thanks again for dinner on Friday, we had a lovely time!)
Katie's definitely working on getting around. She's very good at twisting and turning around while sitting up. And is pulling her knees up a lot like this:
Which, to me, looks like she's getting more control over her legs and feet. And of course, we are still practicing standing!But like to sit sometimes too!We went to Grandma Mary and Papa's for dinner last night. Can I show you Grandma's crocuses that I mentioned a few posts ago? No, I can't...too much snow!

Great (he is great!) Uncle Jerry returned from a trip to China with goodies for Katie...
Isn't that adorable? It fits great and we love it!

Katie loves taking it off too...!
(There's little embroidered shoes too...see them? pretty!)

Hope you have a lovely Monday. We're likely not going anywhere...I may stay in my PJ's the whole day and try to convince Katie to do the same. =)

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