Tuesday, April 22, 2008

It continues...

And I do mean the snow. Woke up this morning thinking it was November. Remember there was no snow a few days ago. Now we have this:See how much is on the patio table? And the roof? Crazy.

We have other things that continue too...remember yesterday and Katie's new outfit? Today I went to get her after her nap and found this...
How on earth did she learn to take off her pj top? It's not button up, it's a pullover! She looked pretty pleased with herself.
And speaking of pleased with herself (I am the master of the segue today apparently)...
I swear, this laundry was properly folded before I went to the kitchen and stepped back not 30 seconds later. She's a quick one.

Have a lovely day...Too bad we don't get Christmas in a month. =)

PS...but we do have a birthday...this Saturday! Yay!

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