Monday, September 6, 2010


Katie starts preschool/playschool/whatever-you-call it tomorrow morning! We're pretty excited! I don't think that this will be her first day's the dress Gram Mary made for her to wear to my cousin Mark's wedding in July (SUCH a wonderful wedding by the way!). The dress fits perfectly and the colours are stunning in real life. I've decided to let her wear it as much as she wants until she grows out of it. Frankly I'm really just happy she'll wear it at all as her track record wearing things that Gram and I have made her if terrible. (remember the green knit dress I made her last year? I think she wore it three times. Maybe. I can't even get her to try it on to see how much too small it is now). Anyway...we're loving this and that's what matters.
Here's a picture (dated August 14th) of the alphabet that Katie wrote. It starts on the bottom corner and then continues on the line above. This was completely on her own, no prompting of letters or telling her how to form them. I don't care if it's smart or normal or what, I just can't believe that our first little baby is growing up so much!
This pictures of of the girls and my cousins from England, Beth and Will, who came to visit this summer. The girls fell in love with their cousins and despite the age gap (They're almost 13 and 9yrs) they all really enjoyed each others company.
We stopped in to visit Gram Cheryl at work the other week. I don't know if they're hiring, but we may want to start resumes for the girls.
They look like they're working hard don't they?
Today was the Monday of the long weekend. Very fall-ish Some sun. We did a lot of tidying up today which felt good.

For some reason, I had a very clumsy day...spilled flour (almost my whole bucket! I'm sure it was at least 10 cups!)(do you know how hard flour is to clean?...but so soft between your toes!), broke a plate, stepped on Ben's glasses AND actually broke the lens. I was so mad at myself for a while. But I suppose the I get points for making two batches of banana bread, feeding the girls 3 good meals and two snacks, helping put away laundry and getting quality reading time in with the girls. And adding a spontaneous park playdate before dinner with Megan and D and M.

It's all about the big picture, right?

Have a great week and think of us tomorrow morning. I don't know about Katie, but I know I'll have butterflies in my stomach! =)

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