Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Summer fun...from a few weeks ago.

We've just returned from a week away in Southern BC...not too close to the fires in Kelowna, but in nearby Summerland and Penticton. We had intended to be away for perhaps longer, but I'll just say for now that camping with our girls at tihs age Really Does Not Work. I'll elaborate in another post soon. =) (oh the stories!)

Here are some pictures of things we were doing around week (or so) before Auntie Andrea's wedding.

Katie getting her second ever haircut (getting ready for the wedding)...with her hair twisted up like that, it looked SO cute and grown up!
We went to the park one day and had a picnic lunch with JoAnne and her girls. It was a little messy.
G was wearing an adorable dress. C in the background.
Luckily, I had a spare shirt in the bag so Katie had something to wear after lunch.
Sam was having lots of fun in the shade under a tree on a blanket. She was happy and giggling!
This is what she was looking at. The twins on one of those neat saucer swings.That week we also went to a work party for Gram's work. There was a BBQ and some super yummy cupcakes. And a friendly 4 year old friend!Dad and Katie reading.Katie and D at the park before strollercize.At the end of June, Gram and Grandpa had a party to celebrate their 35th wedding anniversary. It was a lovely party with many friends and family (and tons of delicious food!).Ben and his mom.On the last day of school we kept up our tradition of going for ice cream with Gram and Papa and Auntie Andrea. Gram's last "last day of school" ever. Sam was along too but no ice cream for her yet!There are of course, many more pictures as I'm obviously just getting caught up. Keep checking!

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