Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Like an Email

I emailed Auntie Alli today to say hi (we do that sometimes, don't you know!) and realized that it's a lot of what I should be saying here, so I'm copy/pasting it (with a few minor changes for the audience) for you all to read too.

Sam's been great lately...lots more fun and giggles these days. Likes playing with toys, getting WAY better at sitting up, laughing at Katie too sometimes.

Katie was jumping on the couch and a chair today and needed a "break" (some might call it a timeout). She was just too hyper to listen to us about not jumping and then getting a thrill out of defying us. Now I also think dinner was a bit late so she was maybe hungry too. The break was nothing serious...I just had her go (took her) to her room and had her sit down by a wall. I left and she came out a bunch of times so I eventually sat with her and talked about why we were taking a break. I wasn't getting visibly (or even non-visibly!) "angry" but really just needed her to get out of the situation and calm down. Ben was hanging out with Sam in the living room at the time, so we did whisper a bit about what to do. This is definitely one of those things that we really haven't had to deal with much. I'm sure things are bound to get interesting as we go along.

I made wicked brownies this afternoon. David Lebovitz Dulce De Leche Brownies.

Which, though it's free on his blog, comes in his book The Sweet Life in Paris...you should totally read it, it's funny and Paris-like and full of awesome looking recipes. I swear, almost every recipe looked amazing. I got the book out of the library though, so I'll have to bake/cook some more quick for recipes that aren't found on his blog.

Did strollercize today (and yesterday) and I swear I was struggling big time. I was so far behind the group (we run in the river valley in summer) and beating myself up. But I suppose I have had a week and a half off...and it was HOT yesterday and cooler but humid so it felt hotter today. The instructor took my stroller for a bit to help out and said it felt really heavy and perhaps my tires were low on air...which made me feel a bit better. And apparently some of the ladies (most?) are currently training for a marathon, so they're getting faster and better all the time. And we apparently ran 8km in about an hour today so that's no small potatoes is it? Anyway, I felt better afterward. And next strollercize isn't until Friday so I get a couple of days off. Phew!

That's the email. Wow. That was a big time saver not having to type out twice! I should do that more often. The weather has been very hot lately. And although Ben and Grandpa have been working hard in the basement the last two days, it's nothing we can sleep in right now...we would if we could! It is coming along nicely...remind me (email anyone?) and I'll take a progress pic so you can see what we're dealing with.

Speaking of pictures, here's a few:
Katie, in Penticton, trying out her swimsuit with built in floaty-foam (like muscles!)...though she wore the suit for a bit, she didn't go in the water much that day and it didn't even get wet I think. Must find a way to use it before she grows out of it. (or, I suppose Sam will get a chance someday)Myself and the girls stopping for ice cream at the D Dutchmen Dairy...a MUST on our trips to BC. Katie at the Penticton Farmers Market (Our Favorite!!) getting her face painted (first time ever!):She was so good and sat very still for the artist. Pretty butterfly with sparkles! She rubbed it off after a few hours but Ben got this great picture wight after. Now I am eagerly thinking of other places we can go where there's face painting!And Sam...such a big girl...with the car seat switch she's in the stroller proper now and faces forward. We went to Southgate Mall the other day (enjoying the free air conditioning!) and I could tell she just loved watching everything and everyone. It's amazing how with Katie, the milestones we passed were more bittersweet...with Sam I don't think I'm as sad to say goodbye to a phase because I now KNOW that there is SO much good coming. And I would say too that the idea of getting to know her personality more as she becomes less of an infant/baby is an exciting thing too.

I'm glad I blogged today...sometimes I'm too tired to get around to it, but tonight I just had some serious "I love my girls" feelings...really, I feel that way everyday, but tonight I wanted to blog it. Katie is just too funny and smart and sweet and quirky and Sam has the most beautiful smile and full body giggles...what's not to love!?

See you next time,


Anonymous said...


The blog is worth the effort! Gives us (people peaking in) all the news and best of all, it's a great record for later years.

Love and kisses

Upside down Patty

Anonymous said...

8 kilometers in one hour? THAT IS AWESOME and you should feel very proud of yourself! Keep it up!