Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Summer is busy!

Hello! We've been busy...I don't know what it is about summer, but I always think we're going to have more time and we're always busier than I think we'll be. And there's something about the two kids thing...Katie is exuding toddler behaviour these days (for example...we're moving things higher and further away, out of reach...you can guess why) which I suppose is taking more energy. And Sam is great but also always learning more things and getting more involved (sitting up well etc) but sometimes wants things more and still needs quite a bit of help.

SO, I have a few blog posts underway (currently trying out multi-posting...with another post uploading pictures while I write up this one) and we're going back in time a few weeks now to around the last week of July.

We went out to Russ and Steph's lake a few Saturdays ago and had a superb hot day! Spent time in the shade with the babies and Ben and Katie even went in the water! (we bought this floaty, boaty thing for Sam in BC, but it was too big for her and she didn't like it...luckily it's big enough for Katie too!)
Katie had her first ever popsicle (the all fruit kind...Russ was kind enough to remember my preference for "real" food for the girls). And she's two...she can probably eat a popsicle.
Steph holding Sam.
And their adorable baby W...growing fast he's about 2.5 months old already! Such a cute and easy going baby.
Katie modelling an outfit that Gram made for her last summer...I didn't think it was that big at the time (it was more like a dress) but now it fits her so well with the matching little pants. A fun warm weather outfit for sure...and I think it would work well over pants and long sleeves too!
Sam love carrots WAY more than Katie ever did/does. Though now (sibling rivalry? If it's hers is must be mine?) Katie seems to really want to eat Sam's carrots. Our nearby Italian Centre Shop has cute baskets on wheels, which means Katie can be a big, helpful girl! While she was napping, she somehow twisted her shirt like this:Not quite sure how she did it...but it really looks like she's rockin' an 80's vibe, doesn't it?

I was feeling crafty one day and looked up a recipe for finger paint on line. Using only water and cornstarch, they looked fne to start...but the colours were more transluscent on paper and they got gooey and harder very fast...gummy and jello-like...not paint-like. I wouldn't use this recipe again, but will certainly try something else. (see how I was prepared for a mess?) I don't remember what was going on exactly this day, but I'm sure I was needing something to keep Katie happy and interested for a while. It worked!I have more posts and pictures coming soon (maybe tonight?) but I must tell you a few important things. (this is why I CANNOT believe I've been so lazy about posting...I have good stuff to share!)

Sam has a tooth!! For real! I totally was it coming and the other day (Aug 6th) it poked it's way through. I'm so excited...it's such a grown-up thing for a baby to do you know!? A sure sign of getting bigger. I've been excited about her other milestones so far too, but something about this one was just really thrilling! (and no, I've not been bit yet...I'll nip that behaviour in the bud you can be sure!)

We also celebrated Sam's Baptism on Sunday...again, something super exciting. So nice to have a celebration formally welcoming her into our community. We kept the gathering small and (my bad) invited some people quite last minute (having to do with the busy summer and some hiccups in communication between myself and the church representative) but still had a number of family and friends there. And we had the whole church to ourselves which was nice too! I don't have pictures of this, but Gram and Papa (and maybe others?) do, so when we get some, will post.
And, fresh off the presses...Katie had a wonderful pee in the potty this evening!...we've been not really addressing the potty thing for a while and then, over the past week or so have tried having Katie wear some of her newly purchased underwear around the house. Casually. Just to introduce it as something fun to wear and to do. Today's pee was awesome (can't believe I just typed that!)...the one other time it seemed quite accidental, but this one was real. Right before bathtime which has seemed like a logical time to practice sitting. We're not pushing or rushing, but it's neat to be one step closer to learning this skill. Katie, if you're 10 years old now, and reading this...I'm sorry for embarrassing you...but just be glad I didn't take a picture. =)

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