Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Baptism!

Some pictures from Sam's baptism (August 9th) at St Joe's on campus. (photos from Gram and Papa's camera)
Gram and Grandpa were in charge of Katie and the diaper bag (big/heavy responsibility...apparently I was due to tidy up the diaper bag. That thing gets heavy so quickly when you throw a ton of things in it and never take anything out!).
Katie, Auntie Andrea, Sam and Papa.
Sam in the family gown (thank goodness it still fit.).
Katie with a bow from a Sam present.
Sam having a good jump in the jolly jumper.Katie's using her imagination lots these days and most of it involves feeding us various foods and drink. "Would YOU like a taste?" she says.Katie under the table.
The girls, just hanging out on Katie's bed. (from another day, not baptism day) Sam's first time in the high chair at Gram and Papa's. She had her first time at Gram and Grandpa's just last night too and loved it also. At home we seem to have the most trouble with her sliding down...but I think we're maybe just not fast enough with the food and she wiggles around a lot impatiently waiting. Dad reading to Katie. She's wearing a t-shirt that Gram made recently (with fake long sleeves underneath) and a wrist band from swimming. Swimming was fun that time...Sam fits in the floating fish seats and we all went in the hot tub which both girls seemed to enjoy. Swimming lessons for both girls start near the end of September. A "vintage" (not antique...from MY vintage!) Strawberry Shortcake house that Katie likes to play with now.Photo of both girls. Katie's wearing a nightgown that Gram made ("Retired Gram" sews up a storm! We like it!).And one of Sam and I hanging out in Gram's backyard after strollercize. We do visit and have lunch at Gram and Papa's a fairly often after strollercize. Ben's finished painting a bunch of the basement. Katie's napping (oo, we're having some trouble sometimes getting her to go down for naps...considering moving the time back to later in the afternoon but we're still thinking about it...she plays and runs around and I *think* is playing with Sam a bit too much when I'm wanting her to nap as well.)

All is is hot for our last weekend of summer. Ben heads back to work on Monday...The girls and I will miss having him home for sure. =)

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