Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Canmore and other things.

Wow. Today was one of those days where I wonder how I can have "tear my hair out" feelings and "melty, my girls are the best" feelings in the same week or same day even. Lately I've been a bit tired...and I think I'm chalking it up to some terrible twos and some teething. Terrible T's shall we say. =)

Katie has taken to getting at things, especially in her room when, as she says she's "Supposed to be sleeping.". Turning the lamp on, rolling up the carpet, lying on the floor by the door, walking around, getting at things in her closet (we've been lax and have stopped using the bars on top to lock the doors shut). And she does it repeatedly...we go in and get her into bed while she lists the things she's doing, supposed to be doing and not doing "Katie's rolling up the carpet...supposed to be sleeping, Katie not sleeping, Katie's awake!". And then she does it again.

This alone is not enough to drive me crazy, but add in the insistent "Would you like a TASTE?!!" (as she says the question she wishes I'd ask as I'm preparing Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner), the "Eehh" sound which basically comes out every time she doesn't get exactly what she wants exactly the second she wants it, and even the all day "Mom/Dad to do it/to get it"...what is it with that one? I try to foster her independence and make her do something on her own (get the book, toy whatever) and she insists that we get it for her. Or "Eehh". I obviously don't always give in, but really, is this bossy, "do as I tell you" thing a normal toddler thing, to see if she can control us?

Anyway, it's not that anything is a real problem, it's just these little things that are making some days long. Rest assured, as I mentioned before, there are beautiful, peaceful, fun moments every day too...times when I think I wish I could write down everything she says all day long because wouldn't the blog just LOVE it? How does she know so much already? Look she's *this* close to figuring out how to jump! She has some lovely moments with Sam too, where she shares toys and tries to play with her. Only when it's her idea really.

And Sam is only teething...and after a few baby advil nights, she's back to sleeping through the night. And tooth number two is coming, I can just see the white line under the surface. She sat ina high chair instead of her Bumbo for lunch for the first time yesterday at Gram and Papa's...definitely ready for it. Also her skin is looking dreamy these days...the Dr at her 6 month checkup on Friday gave us a prescription cream for her excema type patches and they've mostly gone now. AND in BIG NEWS...Sam's 18.8 pounds. 97th percentile. That's my girl!

Now we go back in time, to the August long weekend. Still catching up with the photos.

Lunch in Cochrane:
Sam was happy.
And this is what she was looking at:Katie likes her sandwich.
Waiting in line with Papa, Gram and Uncle Terry (none of tem in the photo...obviously!) at the Canmore Folk Fest.
Petting the goats...the sheep kept running away!They had bunnies too!Sam was there nearby too!First time in a swing (you've already seen the video!)Katie sees a bear! And a Tall Red Lady!Gram holding Sam.Katie got her face painted (Strawberry) and a Tattoo (CKUA)!Trying to keep Sam out of the sun in the playpen...but she wouldn't nap!Breakfast in Red Deer on the way home.A trip to the park...I was about the say that I don't even remember where or when this was, but now I remember it was some day after strollercize! We do hit the playground afterwards depending on the wheather. And this was just after a stroll to check out the new Southgate Mall near our house (they just finished some renovations)...the new stores are ok, but I'm just happy to have more space to walk around when the weather's not so nice this winter. The basment has just this evening received it's first bit of primer. The days are getting SO much shorter...when Katie wakes up (often between 6 and 7am) she says "It's DARK!". It's even getting noticably cooler at night, although the days (especially the next few forecast) are still warm enough.

Things are great and I hope you are great too!

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