Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Morning Playground

One morning (according to iPhoto it was July 31) Katie and Sam woke up early...must have been 5am or something...I can't remember. It was early enough that by 7am it felt like we'd been up forever. So after Sam (and Dad, lucky guy!) went down for a nap, I took Katie to the playground.

Love the early morning light.

Only problem was the dew! Everything was wet and we couldn't really play on anything.
Early morning mom. Thank goodness for coffee.
We did find this little reclined seat thing that was under a slide so it wasn't very wet. Fun to lie down on.

As we walked around nearby (talking about how the playground was wet and we couldn't play on anything and how next time I would bring a towel) Katie saw some other fun toys.......locked behind a fence as they belong to the daycare. So upsetting to see all the fun toys but not be able to get at them.

And here's a shot of the playground. It was a fun, simple thing...mornings are my favorite time of day (once I get my coffee). Hopefully we can do more of this (though not necessarily QUITE that early). =)

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