Thursday, April 30, 2009

More *mini* milestones

Hey there!
I'd forgotten to add to the last post that in the last week Sam has started smiling at me while she nurses...I distinctly remember Katie doing this too and it feels good to see it again. It's both sweet and annoying because it distracts her from nursing. But I love it! (no picture proof because, well, you know!)

And...the bigger that I swear I got Sam to laugh for the first time yesterday. I was saying "Shall I put your pants on?!" over and over (as I did put her pants on). And she laughed. Ben kind of heard it too. Of course, that meant another hour of repeating the phrase but no more laughs. Then I read in my baby guidebook that first laughs don't tend to come until 5 months...? Maybe I was wrong? Or maybe it's just really true that there's lots of variation in when babies reach milestones?

Or maybe...I'm just that funny. =)

We're off for a walking playdate. And strollercize's getting a bit better, yay.
Have a great weekend if I don't talk to you tomorrow. =)

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