Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Dear Katie (2!)

Dear Katie,

I cannot believe you are two years old. You amaze us everyday...either with the clever things you say, the physical feats you accomplish or the way you grow more independent all the time.

You have grown so much in this past year. I can't help but notice that last year at your first birthday, you barely touched your cupcake, and this year you ate it by the handful. You don't love your veggies as much as you used to...toddler pickiness I think rather than an outright dislike...but you sure enjoy food in general...carbs especially.

Your walking and running ("I'm Running!" you say) are particularly neat to see given that you waited so long to walk (2o months). In the grand scheme, I'm glad you waited but also glad you walked before your sister arrived. You are currently practicing jumping by going up to your tippy toes...but that's it...you know tippy toes are involved but are not sure what comes after.

You are definitely cautious by nature, and I think it's a wonderful thing...you watch and learn before jumping right into something. Gives us a neat opportunity to watch the gears turn in your head. You're also a very happy girl and get giggly and excited at precious little things. Your smile is bigger than any I've seen and could warm anyone's heart (...and those dimples...too cute!).

You can turn the stereo on by yourself and get your book-on-cd (or music) started. You can climb in and out of your high chair and your Big Girl Bed. I am very grateful that you will stay in your room and play when I ask you too (so that I can shower). When you come to the bathroom as soon as the water stops, I know that you were in the room until then because I hear you open your door and I love that you are (so far) doing as I ask.

You DO have your own will and have started being a bit whiny for things...there's so much that you want that you can't always have.

I love baking with you although I really look forward to you developing the patience to wait for something to bake and the understanding that it shouldn't really be eaten if it's not cooked. (raw flour...yuck!)

Your hair is lovely and everyone adores your pigtails. You enjoy playing with all your barrettes...dumping them out of the container, counting them (well, saying some numbers), naming colours and then sometimes putting them back in.

Reading is still one of your top favorite things to do...and we read the same book 13 times in a row sometimes.

You are a wonderful big sister to Sam...rock her in her chair when she's upset and try to give her a soother when she needs it (and sometime when she doesn't!).

You weigh 35 pounds and are something just over 3 ft tall. Though you are still in a "scared of men" phase, you did very well at the Paediatrician's office yesterday. ( I suppose I should be happy that you're healthy enough that we don't see too much of him!)

You make us laugh every single day and that's good since sometimes the days are long. We love you big girl...keep having fun and growing strong and beautiful, we're looking forward to seeing what fun the next year brings!

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