Sunday, April 5, 2009

It's short(er)!

Spring break is just about over and, as always, it was too short. There were some nice morning's like this one:

Where Katie cuddled into bed to snuggle with dad and help wake him up. (really, we'd love it if she'd come and really snuggle in our bed when she wakes up early in the morning...but she usually just wants to play.)
The new PJ's are from GG Mary...too cute! And when she's this much fun, it's ok to laugh and wake up early...don't mind so much.
The break was busy...the girls and I strollercized 3 days this week (Mon/Tues/Fri) and the girls are getting better/more patient sitting in the Chariot. I knew they'd get used to it!

We also took dad one day to show him that indoor playground we went to the other week with Jo-Anne and the girls. It was much busier and noisier since it was spring break. Katie had a blast. Sam ate and then slept through it all.

We had breakfast with GG Mary, which was lovely...Katie loves pancakes! Sam had a good time hanging out on a blanket.

Ben went and worked/volunteered selling 50-50 tickets at the Oilers game on Tues night. I went out with my friend Jo-Anne "sans kids" for a drink and snacks the next night.

Papa and Gram had the girls over for dinner. Ben and I declined the free supper (are we crazy?) and opted to have go out for a dinner date. (Hmm...maybe not so was lovely and relaxing!)

I made fantastic salmon one night (the best I've ever made I think!)(click the link for the recipe)

Sam tried on a cute jacket:
Ok, I should have said, "Sam tried on the cutest jacket EVER!". This was a shower gift, is sized for three months and I'm SO Glad it fits now. I took Sam for a walk yesterday with her in the Baby Bjorn and I swear, it looks like I'm Bjorning a puppy. It's the softest thing too. =)
Cute outfit pic...Sam's crying but I'm sure it's not just because I was playing dress up with her.

Besides spring break, the other short thing is Katie's hair. We had her first EVER haircut yesterday. Well, it's short-ER, but not by much, I think because I told Simone (the family hairstylist) that I didn't want too much cut off. I may have sounded too convincing, since it's a tad cleaner but barely shorter.

Katie perusing a magazine beforehand (I'm sure she was looking for the perfect toddler hairstyle...I always spend my last few minutes getting some hair-spiration).A back view:Katie was SO GOOD...she didn't cry, squirm or act otherwisely toddler-ish during the cut. They had the cutest little cape for her! And gave her free barettes. (I know, we have lots already but they get lost so often, we can always use more!)The finished back view. And later on she was hyper and running back anf forth and around in circles so much that it made her dizzy. Ben and I were cracking up just watching her. (Sam was in the swing)(not cracking up, as far as I could tell)The other BIG news of the week...we set up Katie's "official" Big Girl bed yesterday. We'd had her on the mattress for ages but decided to add the box spring and frame finally. Bought the bed rail this weekend...nice and easy to install. And the verdict?...She slept the entire night without falling out of the bed. Yippee!!

Sam has been sleeping well these days for the most part. Nothing amazing, like a 6 hour straight stretch or anything but definitely consistent "long enough" bouts of sleep. As for daytime napping, we've had some very successful attempts at getting her to fall asleep on her own.

All in all, a very successful Spring Break. I'll be sad to see Ben go back to work tomorrow. Reminding myself, it's Easter this coming weekend which means Friday and the following Monday we get Ben home too. May long weekend some time after that and before you know it, it'll be June and Ben will be almost home for summer. ( can I talk about summer when Spring isn't even really here yet?)(and by not here, I mean weather-wise of course, calendar-wise we are apparently in Spring already.)

Hope you had a good weekend too!

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