Monday, July 7, 2008


Another weekend another Monday post. There are lots of shirtless baby photos because it has been very hot lately...a heat peppered with some serious rain and thundershowers.

The other day Katie was playing in the kitchen with baking utensils...Katie was trying to "drink" from the measuring cup. She'd been pretending to do that for a while so I finally filled the cup up with water and she drank really well (with assistance) hardly spilling at all. We're definitely on the lookout for some plastic kids drinking cups so we can start learning officially how to drink from a cup.
"Finger painting" with yogurt after lunch.
Katie loves these "lift the flap" books we have. We don't even really have to read them since it's all about the flaps. (we do talk about what's on the pages etc).
With this one flap in particular, she lifts her leg and puts it right on the book...
...and then wraps the flap around her leg. Not best for the book I guess, but she's having fun so that's always worth it.

Katie also had a messy pasta lunch this weekend. Loved it...and she was so hungry. I swear, she would have eaten an adult sized postion if we'd let her. She loves food and pasta especially. Saturday night we saw Auntie Andrea and had a fun pizza party for four. It was nice getting together and there was lots of laughter. Sunday we had an amazing brunch at Grandma Cheryl's and Grandpa Ken's...poached eggs on toast, muffins, fruit (amazing peaches), bruschetta and pastries and cake and Orangina. There was special company too...Grandma Cheryl's Aunt Bess:
And the lovely Auntie Lori , who was in visiting from California. Katie took a shine to both of them and was so well behaved. (though she ate lots, she did play well by herself while the rest of us finished breakfast) Lately Katie's been walking very well when we practice (while we hold her). I think she's learning to put more weight down on her feet and she gets very excited when we say we're going to practice walking. She's been sleeping well lately. Her hair is so curly in the back...adorable! She is still in her book phase and wants us to read to her all the time. Thus we keep getting board books from the library, just so that mom and dad don't get too bored.

Today we're going for a swim, just Katie and I, in the morning and then perhaps meeting up with Joanne in the girls in the afternoon. Ben's going to enjoy his alone time since I'm working extra this week and this is my only day off.

Hope you enjoy your Monday!

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