Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Summer! (and Canada Day!)

Well, I'm not sure whether I should apologize for posting late or for posting so many pictures at once to make up for that. How about neither?

Our first weekend and week (so far) of summer is going very well. Grandpa Ken came by to visit since Grandma Cheryl was away for a few days last week. This pigtail girl loves a good story!
Friday, since Friday was the last day of school for the teachers, in my family tradition is to go for ice cream. Auntie Andrea was there...And so was Papa and Grandma Mary. G Mary brought a blanket and we had an ice cream picnic on a patch of grass in the middle of downtown. Miss Katie was a big mooch and ate ice cream from all of us. No word on which flavour was her favorite.
Katie "high-fived" Auntie Andrea.
After ice cream, Ben and I realized we didn't have dinner planned (oops) and so we had a spontaneous supper out. We don't really do this much anymore since Katie makes things a little less relaxing...but everything went well and we had a great time.
Where did we go you ask? One of our favorites!Saturday morning we did a little crossword with Papa and Grandma Mary and G Uncle Terry and G Auntie Diane. Katie wasn't much help but we got most of the crossword finished. Katie had more fun crawling around and practice walking. (we practice walking now! Always assisted but she knows just what to do with her legs...just needs to learn to keep her body weight over her legs and she'll be running around!)
Saturday was a hot one...we've had +30C for a few days now, though today is supposed to be around 26C. To cool off we went to the Legislature grounds where we thought they had some wading pools. And they did! So many pools! And kids running around everywhere! We didn't think to bring a bathing suit for Katie (um, not walking means she can't wade silly!) but we dunked her a bit and got a little wet. She did very well wearing her sunglasses...didn't try to take them off at all!Back on the blanket in the shade (the Leg has shade and grass patches too! And it's free! We're definitely going there again!) Katie enjoyed her cheerios.Later on Grandpa Ken and Grandma Cheryl dropped by to check out Katie's pool...they were very impressed and a little jealous too I think!It was so hot Sunday morning that Katie played around without clothes on just because she can. Sunday night we went to Russ and Steph's for dinner. Had a look at their LOVELY new kitchen reno. Super nice you guys!And their new piano. Katie had fun and I think Russ promised lessons (free!) when Katie gets older. =)Katie played on a blanket while we ate (she had eaten already)And as the weather was still smoking hot, we took off her dress (and got into her pj's at the same time) and she had a cuddle with dad (it was getting close to bedtime).After Katie was in bed it was time to bring out the birthday cake! Still celebrating Ben's 30th!Yesterday (Monday) we went to Grandma Cheryl and Grandpa Ken's for lunch...Pasta, tuna and peas...yum!Katie had more fun in the pool...we brought over our second pool (I couldn't decide which to buy and so bought two thinking I'd return one. But now I realize, two pools are better than one!) so that Katie could have fun at grandma and grandpa's on this hot hot day.This one has a canopy that sprinkles rain on Katie through the center top of the palm leaves. What's nice about this weather is that in 2 seconds, you're dry!Today is Canada Day! We have no official plans except I'm going to a yarn sale. Maybe we'll try and find some face painting or other baby fun somewhere...we'll see.

We'll let you know tomorrow.

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